small business Discovery sessions

Creating a business from the ground up is tough stuff. Having someone to help you through the confusing or difficult parts, and think critically about your business will help it grow. Sorting through what you really want out of your business can make a world of difference. Check out some of our sessions here.

Brand Messaging + Design

Building a solid foundation for your brand can feel like a lot at the beginning...or even in the middle! Taking a step back to look at your brand and figure out exactly what your goals are and if your message aligns is important. Plus you need to look the part you're trying to play. 


From emails and printed materials, to blog copy and social media posts, it can be a challenge to find the time to build a cohesive tone of voice and robust content presence for your brand. Wordsmithing is our bread and butter—we can write so you can focus on your work. 

Social Media + Content Strategy

There's more to your blog than tossing up the occasional post whenever you have time. Forming a cohesive content strategy and reliable posting schedule can increase traffic and make your brand look relevant. Let us help you find ways to create quality content when you're short on time—and on funds.


Feeling Like you could use an extra set of keyboard-loving hands?